Remote Control Shark


 This flying fish toy is made of high-quality nylon+aluminum film, which has good sealing and can keep inflated for several weeks completlysafe.
2. Well made, lively fish with a wagging tail and turning in any direction, these amazing fish provide hours of indoor remote control fun even in the tiniest of rooms.
3. It can be remotely controlled, easy to operate, and has a long use time. Flying fish needs 8 liters of helium gas (helium gas is self-provided), and it begins to degas after a week of inflation, and about half of the gas remains in 2 weeks. Impurity will make flying fish unable to fly. Helium can be added in general 4S shops or car wash shops, flower shops, squares selling helium, balloon shops and other places.
4. Can be used as decoration or as a perfect gift for kids.
Please allow 30 days for shipping.